From the Amplified Version:

 The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows].

According to this verse: The Devil has a plan for your life!

He wants to destroy everything about your life, his intent is to ruin everything he can get his hands on.  He will kill whatever is good, beautiful and brings you joy.  He will steal everything that belongs to you and is precious to you and even steal your spiritual inheritance from you.

Steal, in the Greek word, describes a thief that is so good at his job, that as he steals his actions are almost undetectable.  He is cunning in how he steals.  If he outright stole, you would know it.  So, he does it in such a way to steal from you, that you don’t know it is being stolen until it is already lost to you.

His urge to take something away from you is so strong, because that is his very nature.

What has he stolen from you?

Killing, to take someone’s life one would think.  But it has nothing to do with murder, the original Greek word is actually sacrifice, as in surrendering something dear on an altar.  This thief wants to walk away with everything that is precious and dear to you, what he cannot steal, he will then convince you to sacrifice it or give it up.

He cannot bear that you possess anything, or any kind of blessing.  So, if he cannot steal it, he will convince you to give it up to him, everything you possess and love, simply because he does not want you to have it.  He will even create stressful situations that will convince you that the only solution is to sacrifice things you dearly love.

What have you sacrificed lately that was yours?

Destroy: in the Greek it carries the idea of something that is ruined, wasted, trashed, devastated and destroyed.

What has he destroyed lately and left as a wasteland?

In summary, who is your enemy? He is a thief that will wiggle his way into your personal affairs so that he can walk away with everything that you consider precious and dear.  Then when he has taken everything he can, he will rob you blind to the next level.  He will create conditions and situations so horrible that you will see no other way to solve the problem except to sacrifice everything from his previous attacks.  His goal is to totally waste and devastate your life. Nothing stops him, he will leave you insolvent, flat broke, cleaned out IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE.  You’ll end up feeling finished and out of business.  His ultimate aim is to obliterate you!

But Jesus came to bring us life.

The word Jesus uses for Life is “zoe” which suggest a “life filled with vitality.” The word abundantly is the Greek word “periossos” which means to be above, beyond what is regular, extraordinary and even exceeding.”  Our English fails at abundance, it is super-abundance.

Jesus is speaking about a life that your will have, keep and constantly retain with a vitality, gusto, vigor and zest for living.  One that springs up from deep within, deep down inside.  And he came that we may embrace this, unrivaled, unequaled, matchless, incomparable, richly loaded and overflowing life to ultimate maximum!

So next time the devil comes with his lies, schemes, plans and exploits, you can tell him to go look elsewhere, you are not taking his nonsense any more.  You know now, how he works to steal kill and destroy.  You know that you have life and you have had enough of him.

Tell the devil not today.

Lord, not today! I am sick of the enemy stealing from me, so help me to open my eyes and see his schemes.  Help me to recognize that I have an enemy and no longer be asleep to what he is trying to destroy in my life. Thank you that I have abundant, super abundant life in Jesus Christ.  I declare now that I have life and will no longer allow the enemy to steal from me, kill from me or destroy my life in anyway.  In Jesus Name Amen.

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