“Rest in my love,” that is what the Lord said to me.  Along with a picture of myself floating on a red and white ring, in the middle of the ocean, no land in sight.

I knew I was desperately tired, weary, low in energy and discouraged. I needed rest.  In my quiet time the Lord and I had agreed that I needed rest, but why, I asked, did He say to me: “Rest in my love.”

These last two words were an interesting addition to the instruction to rest.  I started to make a purposeful study of the concept of God’s love.  Along the way, I discovered that there were a few things I had misunderstood.  I also discovered that I had feelings and attitudes towards God’s love that I didn’t know I had.

We are designed in love, by love and for love.  God desires a love relationship with us, above all else.  One where we have confidence in Him, admire Him, are fascinated and reverent towards Him and finally adore Him.  Understanding what the bible says about God’s love, is where I wanted to start.

When two people fall in love, the blossoming of their love is very much dependent on getting to know each other.  They spend hours talking and listening, spending time with each other.  Falling in love is about falling in love with the character of the person you admire.  As you get to know them, you recognize qualities that they have that attract you, qualities that you admire and rely on.  As this knowledge of character increases, so your trust of their character and their consequent behavior increases.  They say things like: “She would never do that…” or “I know what he will say…”  This trust in a person is what develops with knowledge of them.

So I conclude, how can it be different with the lover of our souls?  How can I love the Lord, if I do not know Him?

Read from my journey in understanding God’s love (Journey of Love).  I share it with you, because it changed my life and my relationship with God.

In the process, I have come to understand what it means to “Rest in my love.”

P.S. The posts are listed below with the latest posts on the topic coming up first.

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