Thankyou for the wonderful response to Ankia’s testimony on Monday.  Having a right perspective of ourselves as God sees us is important.  Knowing who we really are and what we are capable of is what I have been thinking on this week.  I have particularly been thinking about my tendency to behave like Wonder Woman.

Most days I feel like Wonder Woman.  I juggle so much on a never-ending list: family, friends, office work, household, groceries, social calendar, sport, school, ministry, mentorship, serving at church, mothering, daughter-ing, wife-ing…  The list goes on.  The list makes me feel tired!  As fast as I work that list, that list grows.

There are days this Wonder Woman does not feel like a wonder, let alone feel ‘wonder’-full.  Do you ever have those days? Most days it feels I start the day exhausted and end it the same way. No amount of coffee seems to fix the situation and I love my coffee. Yet each day I push ahead, saving my small world, being its own super heroine.  My body is tired, my heart is tired and I pay the price of this super life in my body, mind and heart.

No matter what I achieve in a week, next week has a new list, a new sense of priority, a new urgency, a new concern.  Each week still leaves me with the feeling that I have not done enough, been enough, I have neglected a relationship and left a task unfinished.  I know, I am a really bad case of A-type personality!

I am strong.  Generally this Wonder Woman gets through the day.  Generally she saves the day, wins the battle, keeps the ground gained and continues in battle.  But there are days when I know that I am not Wonder Woman and that I don’t only have one mission like a superhero and I definitely don’t have unlimited power.

My world tells me that I need to do it all, but I can’t.  I cannot be all things to all people.  Being wonder woman takes its toll and I have limits.  Though I know my strengths, I also know my limits.

I have been feeling very limited with what I can cope with.  And so in the last few days, there have been days when Wonder Woman needs a day off!    super mom

On this day off I am reminded that all my strength that I have comes from God, it is God-given.  But I do not have unlimited power like God to save the world and be all-powerful.  I have limits and that is O.K. with God.

He wants me to come to Him as the source of my strength, the One who is powerful and makes power available to me through Christ, this power exceeds all I can imagine and empowers my life. But I have to come to Him, limited as I am and spend time in His Presence.

Then once I have rested there, been filled with the Spirit, I can go out again and be His Wonder Woman in the Kingdom of God.  Giving glory to Him as the One who makes me who I am.  My friend Dee once shared this poem with me, I don’t know who wrote it, but I love the words, they are for all us Wonder Women, wherever we are.

In the Kingdom of God, we are all Wonder Women.

Life is hard sometimes –

crazy; mixed up; messed up.

And there you are in the middle of it all,

just doing your thing…

being strong and brave

and beautiful

like it’s no big deal.

But let me tell you girl,

it is.

Not everyone can do what you do.

Not everyone can handle things the way you can.

And while you wonder sometimes

if your’e doing okay…

The rest of us are just

watching in wonder.

To all of us Wonder Women out there, God knows you have limits.  Those days when it is all just too much, go spend time with the real superhero, the All Powerful One.  So take the day off, it worked for me.