This is my 100th post on this blog.  I never thought I would get to this number when I started, it was an experiment in obedience at first.  I really didn’t think that people wanted to read my insights.  It has been an incredible journey as God has guided me on what to share with you, how to share it and sustained my efforts by His power.  I have loved hearing your feedback, in person, in emails and in comments.  It has been encouraging hearing testimony as to how it has impacted your life, which has made me glad to share my pearls.

Pearls are developed in the muscle of life, a seed of the Word at first, coated with revealed understanding given to you by the Lord.  They are precious and holy things, given to us by God out of the hard lessons in life, where one has submitted to God’s dealings with you in your life.  They are insights gained over years of persevering, wisdom amassed as a result of experience, gifts operating in your life and truth underlining the value of life.

Pearls are precious because they are hard to find and you can measure them in tears, in pain, in energy spent to gain those revelations.  They are my own private treasure because my life is invested in them.

Heart Treasure has become the place where I share these pearls, the details, secrets, insights and wisdom learnt in the school of the Holy Spirit.  They are precious gifts shared with you and I have delighted in unwrapping each pearl (thoughtfully prepared and wrapped in my treasure box) and sharing them with you.  

But I hear the Lord’s warning:

“Never give that which is holy to the dogs, nor cast pearls before swine…” Matt 7:6

Jesus is very clear: “Never give…” to those who don’t appreciate the value of the pearls given to them.  People who don’t count the cost of the pearls are careless consumers of truth that do nothing with it.  Our churches are full of people who hear the truth every Sunday and do nothing with it.  Our world is full of believers of profess to know the Lord, but show no evidence of Him in their lives. 

People who are consumers demand the time and energy of others, but don’t value the cost or sacrifice of what they receive.  When the trough is empty, they move on to the next one.  And if you call them on it, they turn around and accuse you of “not loving them.”

wearpearlsIf you are a regular reader of Heart Treasure, it is my sincere prayer that you count the value of the pearls I am sharing with you.  That they have become your pearls and that you treasure them in your heart as I do in mine.  I hope too, that you are circumspect about who you share them with, sharing them with people who recognise their value.

It has been my delight to share treasure with you. Thank you