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Mentor Mentee Relationships

“Mentoring is the process of developing a person to their maximum potential for the Lord Jesus Christ.  The object of mentoring is improvement and holiness, not perfection.  A mentor is someone committed to helping another grow so that the process of maturing continues for a lifetime and helps them realise their God-given purpose and achieve her God-given life goals.”

The formal or informal process of one person investing in another person’s life is mentoring.

Below are some posts about mentoring followed by topics of conversation to have with a mentor.  Choose from the many topics for your time together.

Topics on Mentoring

Too Old to be Useful

“I am too old to do anything for the kingdom of God, it is up to the younger generations to do it now.” Do older people have a role to play when they don't have the energy anymore.

Circles of Influence

Often we feel that we cannot change anything about the world we live in. Yet we all have relationships with other people and come across people in our day to day life. Could we be more intentional about how we approach the people in our lives? We look at Jesus' example to find answers.

Topics to Discuss with a Mentor


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