When we experience storms or trials in our lives, there always comes a moment where we have to decide whether Jesus is in control… or not? In that moment we ask ourselves:

Could it be that Jesus is NOT in control?

This is particularly true when we are in danger, when circumstances are impossible and when we are filled with doubt.  Even if you are a strong follower of the Lord, this moment will come at some point in our lives, if not more than once and that moment will be as real for us as it is in the following stories:

  1. The disciples must have thought (Matt 8:23-27): “The only reason we are in this storm is because we obeyed the Lord.  Why did we listen to him?”  They must have thought to themselves, we are fishermen, he is only a carpenter, we know better.  Now he has put our lives in danger and there is no way out.
  2. Mary and Martha in John 11 must have wondered after Lazarus died, “We thought Jesus loved Lazarus.  We thought he cared about our family.  After all we have done for Him, he couldn’t even find the time in His heart to come to us in our time of need.  Don’t say Jesus loves us, he could have helped and he didn’t.”
  3. At Jesus crucifixion, the disciples must have said: “We thought Jesus was going to save the world, but he could not even save himself.  Now the authorities are out looking for us!  We believed Him, but now he is gone.  What do we do now?  Do we go back to life as before?”

Each of the stories must have had that moment, where in their desperation they wondered about Jesus: if He really was in control, if He really was God.

Is Jesus in Control?

incontrolAs believers living anywhere on this broken planet, we can anticipate that this moment will come up.  Where we have to make a decision in our hearts about what we really believe.  Do we believe He is in control, or not?

What we believe will determine how we face what comes next in our lives

Will we face it in fear thinking that we have to try and control everything including ourselves.  Or will we face it in faith (essentially believing what we cannot see right now, for which there is no physical proof perhaps, but still believing that God is in control in all situations.)

In each of the stories Jesus is in control: 

  • Even though the disciples thought Him asleep in the boat, apparently not caring about their situation, all He had to do was say to the waves and wind: “Be still.”
  • For Mary and Martha (who didn’t think it wise to open the grave because of the possible stink), Jesus was in control and merely said: “Lazarus, come forth.”
  • When the disciples thought it all over and the last three years of their lives wasted, Jesus appeared before them saying: “Peace be with you.”

In all three situations it all turned out just as Jesus had planned it.    In all three situations the outcome did fulfill the purposes that He was bringing about in His own timing.  All three stories eventually experienced great joy in their relationship with Jesus even though there were some desperate moments.

Jesus’ purpose came about, because he was in control, even when life seemed out of control.

How’s that going for you?  Do you personally believe that Jesus is in control of your life?  Do you believe that in dangerous, confusing, dark moments, Jesus is still in control?  When a situation seems impossible and there really is nothing that can be done, do you believe that Jesus is in control and able to make a way when there is no other way? When your dreams and plans are not successful, do you still believe that Jesus will fulfill His purpose for your life? That even this current setback is one that He can control and bring about a breakthrough, a restoration, even a new start?  Do you believe that God’s will for your life is totally under His control?

Rom 8:28 (Amplified Version)

We are assured and know that [with God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose.

GodcontrolRead that again!  What a promise that is: God is in total control, working His purposes into the plan for our lives.

  • Where does your thinking about Jesus need to be corrected?
  • What area of your life do you need to surrender to His control?

Thank you Lord that you are in total control, nothing slips from Your hand.  Your strong hand is upon my life and You will not let go.  Even when things are not clear, when I cannot see a way forward, when all looks lost to me, You are still the captain of my ship.  You will steer me through the storm and the darkness and bring me to a safe harbor in due time.  Thank you for my relationship with You, to know that you are always working things out for my good.  Thank you that your plans for me will be fulfilled, not because of who I am, but because of who You are.

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