Ever played that game where you are blindfolded and another person has to lead your through an obstacle course.  Or that game where you fall backwards and have another person catch you before you hit the ground.  Both games test our level of trust.  And let’s face it, most of us have trust issues!

If you are like me, you want to know exactly who this person is that is leading you through the obstacle course, are they qualified, can they see properly… Or the person that is going to catch me, are they close enough, strong enough, willing enough….

Before we move forward blind-folded or fall back we have to go through a mental process.  That mental process involves one big decision: Do I trust them.  Unfortunately, while going through that mental process there are no guarantees or revelations of the future, there is only the decision to trust, or not to trust.  There are no half measures to trust, it is mutually exclusive.  You either trust, or you don’t.

Trusting God is much the same.  We are blind, in that we don’t have guarantees up front, or revelations of the future to be sure of.  Will He lead us well through the obstacles of life, will He catch us when we fall?  Can He be trusted.

We too, have to go through a mental process to come to a decision of trust.

When we train ourselves in God’s sovereignty, it goes a long way to help us trust blindly.  We train our minds and hearts to a level of blind trust: so that there is no question as to whether He will lead us well, or catch us when we fall.  We need to rest (be still and know that He is God) regularly, so that we can check on our level of blind trust, our willingness to follow His lead and to count on Him catching us.  For if those levels of blind trust are not there, there is no peace in our hearts, no rest for our souls.  We will always be anxious.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight. (Prov 3:5-6)

Now before you rush ahead, because we know this verse so well, pay attention:

  • Trust God, He is the LORD.
  • Don’t half trust Him, who is getting the other half of your heart?
  • Decide to trust Him blindly
  • Which means, don’t go based on your own understanding. But base it, on what the bible says about Him.
  • Give Him first place in your trust, acknowledge that He is sovereign and in control, Lord of all and King of Kings and that He rules over your life.
  • He is the one who makes your path straight and your life beautiful, no one else, not even you.

This retraining of our hearts, happens when we rest.  When we take the time to stop, be still, pay attention and work on our hearts and minds.  It does not happen in the crazy, busyness of life, it happens when we rest.

Thank you Lord, that I can trust You, blindly.  You are worthy of my trust because You will lead me through the obstacles of life and You will catch me when I fall.  Thank you that You are LORD of my life and that You work to make my path straight and my life beautiful.  Help me to maintain my heart and mind at a level of blind trust, with no guarantees or revelations about the future, only a trust in the character of my LORD.

Orientate Towards God

Pray from a Place of Rest

Say Thank You

Pause, Don’t Stop