There is nothing like a spiritual mirror to help you see your heart.  The Word of the Lord is exactly that mirror in our lives.  Being “circumspect” and giving due consideration to the words of scripture has led to many self examination moments in my life.  Tolerating Jezebel is another of those questions for consideration.

Rev 2:20 “Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess.”

Reading this passage, we often think it is all about sexual immorality in the church of Thyatira, but it is not all about sex, it is actually about spiritual immorality, which is cheating on God with your heart.  It is the most basic evil and therefore fitting to compare it to the most evil queen ever known, Jezebel.

my heart JesusThis particular Jezebel, was a woman who wanted to satisfy her own desires instead of following God’s Word and by this her heart was unfaithful to God and pursued idols of her own making. 

This passage parallels sexual immorality with spiritual immorality which has the following impact:

  • She wanted her desires satisfied NOW, rather than waiting on God’s timing.
  • In the process she was hurting others and her commitment to them. People trusted her, were watching her, listened to her and were led astray.
  • Just as in physical immorality, it brings with it intense suffering and as a result exposure to disease(some even died.) Not weeding this attitude out of our lives has the same effect on our spiritual lives.
  • Tolerating her, violated their commitment to God, even though the Lord had commended them earlier for their “love and faith, your service and perseverance, and that you are now doing more than you did at first.” They were growing in good deeds, strong believers, but tolerated Jezebel and broken their commitment to God.
  • Tolerating her destroyed their personal integrity as the pursued their own selfish pleasure and freedom above all things and without consideration for other, younger believers.
  • They were unwilling to repent, changing their hearts and minds from following their own way and rather seeking God’s ways. So, they were suffering the results.
  • They were encouraged to “deep secrets” designed to entice you to a “deeper spiritual walk” away from the simple truths of the bible, the fellowship of believers and the confession of faith. They were embracing false teaching without searching the scriptures because it appealed to their desire to have their own way.

Whenever our own desires and agenda step in front of God’s word, we are tolerating Jezebel in our lives.  Whenever our heart is reserved for our own pleasure and plans, we are tolerating Jezebel.  Whenever we are unwilling to examine our lives and repent, we are tolerating Jezebel in our lives.  Whenever we do not examine everything according to scripture, we are tolerating Jezebel.

This attitude needs to be weeded out of our hearts.

JesuskeyheartGod searches our hearts AND minds (verse 23) and knows what really motivates our service and good deeds.  He will “repay according to your deeds.”

Weeding Jezebel out of our lives requires continual examination of our hearts according to scripture, our spiritual mirror.  Then once we have identified Jezebel in our heart, we need to get rid of her or suffer the consequences of having her in our lives.  Christ says that to those of us who overcome, who persevere faithful to the Lord and please Him, right to the end, we will reign with Him and receive the “Morning Star” i.e. Jesus. (Rev 2:26-28).

Father, help me not to tolerate a Jezebel attitude in my heart, where my own desires and wants become more important than You and your way of life.  Keep me ever in your Word, the mirror of my heart, so that I may repent and turn back to you.  Do not let me be deceived into embracing anything that is not confirmed in scripture because it appeals to my flesh.  In Jesus Name I pray.

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