“The greatest challenge in receiving great things from God is holding out for the last half hour.”  A quote from the devotional ‘Streams in the Desert’ by L.B. Cowman. It is often in the last stretch of a race that the winner is determined.  It is how you climb the last few meters that determine if you will summit a mountain.  It is usually the days and hours just before a breakthrough that are the hardest.

Our world recommends that we should let go when it gets difficult, uncomfortable, and inconvenient.  The sad thing is that many of us lose our victory, our breakthrough, our territory gained because we could not hold out for the last “half hour.”

Sometimes it is a good thing to list the things that we are “holding out” for.  Heb 3:14 (Living Bible) promises that:

“If we are faithful to the end, trusting God just as we did when we first became Christians, we will share in all that belongs to Christ.”

What are you holding out for?  Gal 6:9 (LB)

And let us not get tired of doing what is right, for after a while we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t get discouraged and give up.

upliftinghold fastWhere the anchors that faith has cast

Are dragging in the gale,

I am quietly holding fast

To the things that cannot fail. 

And fierce though the fiends my fight,

And long though the angels hide,

I know that truth and right

Have the universe on their side  – Washington Gladden

When things get difficult, especially when we have been persevering for a while, that is not the time to let go.  When what you believed would happen, has not happened, that is not the time to let go.  When you are at the end of your own resources and cannot see a way forward, that is not the time to let go.

Quietly hold fast to the things that cannot fail: truth and righteousness.  You are in the last half hour, your breakthrough, your victory, your healing is coming.  Hold on, don’t let go.  “Run in such a way as to get the prize.” (1 Cor 9:24)

Lord, I am still confident that I will see Your goodness in the land of the living.  I know that I must wait a little longer, I must be strong and take courage, and be expecting to see it any day now.  You are my daily portion Lord, I will wait for You.  You are good to those who set their hope on You, I have set my hope on You.  I will wait quietly for my Lord that will not fail me. (Ps 27:13-14; Lam 3:24-26)

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