Online Bible Study: Faith

Lord, Help My Unbelief 

Welcome to my bible study series on faith.  It is my earnest prayer that this series will encourage and build up your faith and leave you spiritually stronger at the end.

This is a four week series (28 days), but each week can be done on its own.  This means that you can structure this series according to the time and capacity you have.

Each day in the week includes:

  1. A lesson or principle on our topic for the week.
  2. Personal Journal questions.  These questions facilitate reflection and meditation on the content.  It is up to you just how much you will get out of this study, so taking part in the reflection exercises will enable more benefit as the Holy Spirit has an opportunity to work in your heart and mind.  Use a journal and make a point of recording your answers.
  3. Prayer
  4. My Personal Journey: This study came about as I made my own personal journey in faith.  I wanted you to see how the study impacted my spiritual walk with the Lord.

There are four weeks in this series:

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Week 1: Immeasurably More

We explore the state of our faith and why we would want faith. How faith works.  How we can see faith and how do we measure it?  By the end of this week, you will be able to determine whether faith is an area of your spiritual life that needs to grow and be strengthened.  My hope is that by the end of this week that you will be convinced, as I was, that my faith had to grow.

Week 2: Evaluate My Faith Lord 

In this week we look at areas where our faith is undermined and weakened and it gives us an opportunity to correct some of our thinking.  Each day we explore a new way our faith operates to determine where our faith is weak and in need to strengthening.  By the end of this week you will know exactly what mistakes you make and have an opportunity to strengthen that which is your own measure of faith.

Week 3: Maintaining Your Faith (Soon to be released)

In this week we explore habits of the mind and heart that contribute to the strength of your faith, as well as exploring common mistakes which if left unchecked will break down and undermine our faith.  We learn that faith needs to be maintained and how to go about ensuring that it stays steady.

Week 4:  Living a Life of Faith

In this last week we explore the application of our faith in life, so that our faith does become the assurance of things we expect and develops a conviction of things we cannot see.  We explore taking steps of faith, prayer, waiting and other challenges of the faith walk.