The new year has started, and resolutions have already been broken, I am sure.  As everyone has gone back to work, and school, the pressure to “get going” is felt.  We may not know exactly what we need to get going at, but as everyone around us seems to be planning, organizing and phoning to make arrangements, we feel the pressure to start moving.

That’s been my life in the last week.  This intense feeling that I have to get going and I really feeling like I am on the back foot.  I have only just packed the holiday away, done grocery shopping and errands and I feel like I am behind the pack.  Just a real sense of pressure to get going, get into the race.

I cannot even remember details of the projects I was working on at the end of the year, let alone plan what is happening next.  As the calendars come in, and the to-do list grows, rest, slowing down, silence seems hard to claim.

As I sat down to my quiet time, the Lord’s first words to me were: “You don’t have to rush into the year.”

Thank you, Lord!  There is a real danger of running ahead of the Lord.  If I take the whole of January to prepare and plan for the year, and do the next 11 months well, it will be better than rushing into 2018 without hearing from the Lord.  If I do this, I will commit to projects I should not, jump into things that God has not planned for me, waste time in doing things wrong because I didn’t think it through carefully.  I need time to pray, think, analyze, read, research and seek the Lord’s guidance, so that I do 2018 according to His pace, not mine.

At the front of my current journal, my dear friend Debbie wrote out Proverbs 16:9.  A timely reminder:

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”

Living my life according to God’s will for my life, will mean that I have to hear from Him, what His will is.

There has to be less experimentation on God’s will on my part, and more definite clear action as directed by His will.

There is no shortage of time, or urgency in God about 2018.  He is in control.  I need to take the time to hear from Him, to connect with His heart, to pray a lot and wait for clarity from the Holy Spirit.  This is more important, than action.  Proverbs 16:1

“To man belong the plans of the heart, from the LORD comes the reply of the tongue.”

This means that God decides what the final outcome will be, it is all in His hands.  Life is a partnership between God’s will and purpose and my efforts.

The advice in Proverbs 16:3 is to “Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.” Adding in verse 4 that “the Lord works out everything to His own end.”

His WILL and PURPOSE overrides it all.  So be careful, take the time to enquire of the Lord.

God wants us to Slow Down and Pay Attention.  We have Permission to Stop because God knows about our times and holds time in His hands.

Don’t rush into the year my friend.

Thank you, Father, for the reminder to slow down and not to rush into the year.  Help me not to miss it Lord, to feel so much pressure to get going with the year that I don’t take the time to spend in Your Presence.  Help me to spend time in prayer, meditation, thinking and reading before I move ahead with plans.  Thank you that You delight in me wanting to inquire from You first and that I can know that the Spirit will reveal to me what I need to know and understand, what I need to plan.  Thank you that You are in control of my life.

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